Scrummy Eats

SCRUMMY (scrumptious + yummy) As the world--the Philippines included--scrambles for some months now, the smallest institution finds the opportunity to recharge and to renew itself. Our family is considered as large; we have five children. We already have grown-ups who are starting to find their way in the real world. This makes our weekdays busy... Continue Reading →

Ex Love

"Right now, I have no love for you at all. I never thought it possible to happen, but it did." That was the line lashed out by Kay to her husband, Michael Corleone, in the hit movie, "The Godfather." And such is also the sentiment I feel right now, looking at what once was my... Continue Reading →

Lockdown with a Food Fairy

I am no cook, but when it comes to food cravings, I'm lucky to be locked down with a sister who loves to cook. She is my food fairy who would cook up to six viands on Sundays, so we will have a week-long ready-to-eat food to bring to our condo. So, all my cravings... Continue Reading →

Writing: An Extension of Me

When I was young, I made simple comic-book type of stories in a drawing book. In my teens, I kept a diary. My family was based overseas (The Netherlands) at some point, so I documented our life there for my friends through snail mail. It was beginning Junior High when teachers and classmates saw my... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Mirror

Why I write? The lack of someone to talk to. Or should I say the lack of someone I can talk to about topics I want to talk about. I am from a faraway barrio where little minds can only cater to the daily humdrum of life. Only the who's and the what's are the... Continue Reading →

Writing to a Best Friend

I write because my brain would not stop talking, and the only way to calm her down is to pour her dialogues on a piece of paper, on my journal, or on my Google Keep--especially when it is 3 in the morning, and she wouldn't stop blabbering in my head. This way, I can exhaust... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

There are a lot of things in life that we do without asking ourselves the reason [why]. But I guess, if you'd do something that would require a considerable amount of your time, then you might ask yourself why. So why do I write? To be honest, I find the question really difficult to answer... Continue Reading →

One Midnight in ECQ

One midnight in ECQ, I woke, stirred, but didn't open my eyes. It was somebody's soft palm caressing my forehead that pulled me out of my slumber. It was Mama's palm. Weeks back, early April, Papa had an emergency appendectomy. We went home with the doctor's advice of you-gotta-rest-for-two-months. We rejoiced at finally going home,... Continue Reading →

ECQ: Life with My Pet

This has been my life with my pet in the past few months: My cat is my alarm clock. Darna jumps on my tummy and lays there for a few minutes, purring. She meows for food and water. We, then, get up as I take my breakfast. She roams around--around the table--finding a comfortable spot... Continue Reading →

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