Shine Bright

You can begin the day by telling yourself, “Everything will be alright.” You can start your daily grind by saying to yourself, “This is worth it. Because my life is worth it. And that I am worthy — to contribute something in this world.” Right from the very beginning, the start of your passion comes... Continue Reading →

The Radio Played Japanese Music

Mommy came home from a business trip in Tokyo. She gave both my sister and me an alarm clock. Michelle got Donald Duck. He was drumming to the beat to wake you up and shouting, "Hey, hey, hey! Good Morning, Let's Go!" Mine was "My First Sony Radio Clock". It had several options. One of... Continue Reading →

My Five Core Beliefs

1. Follow your passion and money will follow. It's hard to say this because until now it's a struggle. But as I face each day, I know that my core gift is writing. It's a treasure God has given me that will surely make me rich – not materially, but wholly. We are all aware... Continue Reading →

Set Free

Our family rules have grown along with me which I’ve thought made me a ‘prisoner’ inside a place I call home –  a sanctuary where I’ve felt safe and secure anyway. I’ve called myself a ‘prisoner’ because of the house rules which have been in favor merely of them without considering mine.  At the age... Continue Reading →

A Young Wanderer

I was in a foreign country in the Netherlands from ages 12 to 15. I wandered the city center in The Hague or the beachside in Scheveningen with my sister, stepsister, and friends. I enjoyed their company by watching movies, shopping, or dining out. We would just ride the bus or take the tram. Mom... Continue Reading →

Get up and Give Back

It was just an ordinary day going to school when I opened my blue boho coin purse and found it empty. No, it wasn’t empty at all; it got three peso coins inside. My heart sank as I asked myself in silence, How would I go to school with only three-peso coins in my purse? ... Continue Reading →

Make It Happen

Every day, I make sacrifices for my family. Ever since I was young, I’ve been always the caregiver – the one who attends to their needs, to the point of forgetting my own needs.  Presently, I would say that I am happy because I'm fully aware of my actions now– letting go of the people-pleaser... Continue Reading →

With More Love

It's hard to change a person because I find it harder to even change myself.  I have to remind myself to be gentle as always, even the spirit, which is so much more fragile. Everyone comes to us with their whole self, past, present, and future. We should be more careful what to do about... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

“Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” - Proverbs 15:4 I heard studies done with plants and the rice experiment. When spoken to plants positively, they appear to be healthy and vibrant. Negative words leave them sick and shriveled. As for the rice, one batch retained its sweet aroma and... Continue Reading →

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