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New Year, New Accomplishments

Be Better I started 2022 with the hope that things and an adjustment to what looked to be a semblance of some of the old normal as the months passed, return to normal as gatherings happened again, old friends reunited, and business slowly picked up.  Last year, my accomplishment was I was able to take... Continue Reading →

New Year Celebration

A Simple Celebration of Fulfillment Last New Year’s Eve, our family just stayed at home. I was actually planning for a family staycation and getting a room with the best view of the fireworks, but ended up staying at home instead. The spectacle of sparkling fireworks with its flashy and sizzling sound is what I’ve... Continue Reading →

Those Butterflies

I never would have thought that my grandfather, my Tatay, would make such an impact on my life until he passed. Just a few days after his passing, my mom told me how Tatay noticed my sadness sometime during the pandemic and even asked her, “Bakit malungkot si Tammie?”  He didn’t tell me this, nor... Continue Reading →

No Place Like Home

I grew up with a very big family. I may have not grown up with a father, but I have Papa and uncles who filled my father’s shoes. Living under the same roof, I grew up together with my cousins whom I had not felt even a tiny bit of discomfort and awkward moments with. ... Continue Reading →

Vision to Receive God

I have always wanted to see God– either through some hint of a sign from above or something to look forward to this Christmas. Then it hit me– He has always been giving me notions and realizations, that I am with Him, near Him, because He is in me, in my heart; that here I... Continue Reading →

A Gift I Will Never Deserve

God is easier found in the glaring sun, the beauty of the flowers, and the healing sight of the vast oceans. His magnificence is in those great mountains. His life breathes through the vegetation. His presence is in the air, beholding the vast skies and the stars that contain them whenever the velvety night covers... Continue Reading →

Remembering My Christmas Present

Rosary Bracelet The best Christmas present I have ever received was a rosary bracelet, gifted by my father. Its beads are white, and it has a small cross on it. From the looks of it, it seems like real pearls though I don't really know how to identify what's real and what's not. I couldn't... Continue Reading →

True Friendship

I learned about friendships because of this experience: one that I endured for 10 years and finally walked away from. There were instances in the friendship where I felt out of place, unsupported, silently judged, and grossly uncomfortable— probably anxious about seeing and engaging with them even, at some point! These girls also affected my... Continue Reading →

Everything is Grace

The time when I served God the most was a few months before the pandemic happened. It was one of the craziest months as well because I did not know how I was able to juggle them all. For sure, I knew that grace was present; I was serving both in a charismatic community and... Continue Reading →

Spending Christmas Holidays

Jesus and My Family Sitting at the dining table with my family during a happy season when there is so much food to eat and gifts to receive, along with the ambiance of the place, I can just simply say, "It’s Christmas!"  I look at the lights of the Christmas tree that are all glowing... Continue Reading →

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