1 In a kimono, By the Sumida River, I wait for someone. <SPACE> <SPACE> <SPACE> <SPACE> <SPACE> <SPACE> 2 Let us read a book, Point to pictures, ABC, Chika-Chika Boom! <SPACE> <SPACE> <SPACE> Written by Delie Dell ChuaPhoto by Mitchell Luo (kimono), Tanaphong Toochinda (child)

The Storm

Typhoon Rolly brought me back to that morning when, together with my husband and our two young boys, a deluge happened in a short span of time. My husband and I, together with our six-year-old and a-little-over-one-year-old sons, went early to the bakery to buy our favorite pandesal. This was our morning routine during weekends.... Continue Reading →

What the Future Holds

I once wore a “lab coat” made of thick and stiff white paper while holding a tin lunch box containing a toy stethoscope and a toy syringe. My teacher obviously noticed what I wanted to be when I grow up, so she only asked me the reason why. The costume I wore was indeed familiar... Continue Reading →

The Portable Altar

Ondoy came as a big surprise. It was an occurrence that brought me a lifetime fear of typhoons. Our house was submerged in eight-feet flood. Too fast a flood that went up two inches every hour. The date was September 26, 2009. I would never forget that day. It was a normal rainy Saturday for... Continue Reading →

Vexation, Vision

I am different from how I was ten years ago. I was paranoid then. I was carried away by fears of what might happen to me. Will I become crazy because of the voices that I heard? That was I in 2011. I was new to my second work as a research assistant in one... Continue Reading →


Change is the only constant thing and to embrace change is to embrace the reality of life. I have a story to tell about my life-changing career move. I have been working for more than a decade as a Software Developer, moved from one company to the next non-stop, wherein the next day from my... Continue Reading →

Stand Up for What Is Right

It was not just daring but risky. Two of my friends and I were thinking of hanging out one Friday evening. Maybe just watch a movie and have pizza delivered, we thought. I was driving the car with my two friends when we got several phone calls from our acquaintance who had gone missing before... Continue Reading →

My Adolescent Prayer

I said this prayer when I was 15. I remember it well. I was in third-year high school. I missed our Chemistry lesson, which was about balancing equations. I was absent from school since I needed to take care of my brother who was confined in the hospital. He was just eight months old when... Continue Reading →

What recharges your batteries?

Karen Baciles: Majorly and most oftenly, I prefer alone time. But from time to time, it also recharges me to socialize with other people, as I also get inspiration from them. Malou Sionzon: Socializing, exchanging of ideas, sharing of experiences, collaboration, zoom meetings are just some of the moments I find to be more recharging.... Continue Reading →

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