With More Love

It’s hard to change a person because I find it harder to even change myself.  I have to remind myself to be gentle as always, even the spirit, which is so much more fragile. Everyone comes to us with their whole self, past, present, and future. We should be more careful what to do about… Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

“Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” – Proverbs 15:4 I heard studies done with plants and the rice experiment. When spoken to plants positively, they appear to be healthy and vibrant. Negative words leave them sick and shriveled. As for the rice, one batch retained its sweet aroma and… Continue Reading →

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

I am getting old physically. My body aches with little movement. I easily catch illnesses. I am not getting any younger, but I am young at heart. I still want to pursue the things that I have yet to try. I have big dreams, but most of them are getting tarnished by fate. I think… Continue Reading →

Eye of the Tiger

With all the aches every time I wake up, this song makes me stand strong. Knowing that the Eye of the Tiger (God in this song) is upon me, it’s an assurance that I’ll be able to get by throughout the day and start anew in the next. I guess the message of this song… Continue Reading →

Giving & Receiving

My love language – giving and receiving – is words of affirmation; next is gifts.  In the past, I would send handwritten letters on a stationery or a card. Now, it would be through chat, text message, social media, or email. I would include notes of encouragement.  I carefully picked the presents for birthdays and… Continue Reading →

A New Chapter of my Life

If my life chapter now were a song, it would be the song, “The Ocean ” by Mike Perry. Maybe it’s because I just recently came from the beach.  My life chapter now is wild, hip, crazy, rebellious, and fun. I’m playing it cool just like the song. I crave freedom and I just want… Continue Reading →

Those Days

I am taken back to pre-pandemic days. This is the time when we learn new skills such as swimming lessons in the clubhouse and ice skating inside the mall. We play all day with our neighbors and friends. Most of our memorable trips whether local or out of the country took place during our yearly… Continue Reading →

A Love To Last

I  came across a post on FB saying that if you are a writer there are three things that you should not write. One is your finances, second is what you are doing at the moment and third your love life. I don’t know what the person who posted this had on his/her mind but… Continue Reading →

Summer: A Celebration of Life

Out-of-town trips. Lazy summer Sundays sipping coffee at a quaint cafe. Doing the rounds of town fiestas. Surprise visits to family and friends. I miss doing the last one. One cannot just do that these days-pop up at someone’s doorstep, not with covid still around. Haunting us. It has become a choice between observing protocols,… Continue Reading →


There was always the little crook in me. But hey, that was how I survived. I’d rather say I was smart as a young, growing lady – my way out to gain my place under the sun with four brothers. If I hadn’t played their games, the real ones and the mental ones; I’d end… Continue Reading →

Summer Blooms

Summer season in the Philippines begins in the months of March, April, and May.  The season when most flowers were in full bloom. Holding the tiny baskets in our hands,  Ebeth, Nheng, and I, went off to gather flowers of any kind.  We were to pick whatever flower we see on our way.  Be it… Continue Reading →

Out of Water

January ended just like that, 15 days of forced quarantine work from home, and due to heavy travel restrictions to Cagayan de Oro, my one week schedule to the Abbey for a much needed retreat got canceled. My vaccine booster shot has somehow ease out the fears and find myself going back to my daily… Continue Reading →

Whispered Words

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago. I was seeking strength. And I found out that before writing, I need to pray and ask God for inspiration. I hope you would also resonate with the words God whispered to me…You and I are also light…Let us remember that. Hold on to me,… Continue Reading →

Here’s To Recovering

I am grateful up to now for good health at a time when a Pandemic is widespread and new variants popping up. Pre-virus, I was often sickly catching a cold, cough, allergies, fever and flu like symptoms and once had to be at a hospital for 5 days for surgery. Maybe because of social distancing,… Continue Reading →


I saw that life is meaningless, Whenever I try to live it, Without those thoughts, you have always told me. I try to define why those sentences, Would always stick to my mind. But all is lost, Like a writer would, Left hanging without words. Because you were only, That meaning, I would always try… Continue Reading →

In Another Life Of Mine

I’d like to let go of you. Yes you. The one who keeps bugging my mind. You who keep on reminding of us. You who makes me genuinely smile in secret. You who made me feel loved. I’d like to let go of you so that we can be both free. You remind me of… Continue Reading →

My Heart’s Only Wish

I used to sing in my heart, Letting my whole being know, That you are the one person,  I think about, Whenever I hear a song. I used to bring my mind into the conclusion, That you are the man for me, Telling my brain, To succumb to the idea, That we are destined to… Continue Reading →

We Are To Love

Whether love happens in 3 seconds or is realized over time is an ongoing mystery. What is love? How do you know you’re in love? I shall narrow the question further. How do you know you’re romantically in love? There is always something about love that seems to bother the philosopher sleeping in me. No… Continue Reading →

To Love, Even If I’m Lazy

I forgot that I prayed for this spiritual dryness. It was several years ago, when it was so easy to pray, when sticking to a routine was simpler, when I was drunken in Scripture and Tradition. God would call me, and I would answer. In the littlest details of my everyday, I would see Him,… Continue Reading →

Sweet Symphony Of Love

I have found meaning to love and to be loved firstly by my creator. What beauty it brings to the soul knowing that we love because He first loved us. How can we not know what love is if we haven’t ever felt it? The grace, the secrecy, and the tenderness that can only come… Continue Reading →

I’d Like To Let Go Of…

It is more of accepting my limitations. I am learning to work and function despite my weaknesses. The insecurities will not totally go away. I am taking on new skills while dealing with these flaws. What I am saying goodbye to is perfectionism. Written by AnKatPhoto by Bucography

How Humility Looks Like

Humiliating moments. Knowing God deeper and deeper makes me crazy- fighting my weaknesses while I try to be composed as much as possible. Keeping the dignity of how it is to be a child of God. It is not easy not to play the role anymore but to faithfully live it daily. Those who thought… Continue Reading →

My Hopes For The New Year

My Hopes For The New Year: 1. To sleep as early as 10 in the evening. Sounds funny, but it is very true to me right now. I realized that taking care of our bodies is also valuing what God wants us to do the next day. How can we accomplish His mission if we… Continue Reading →


This month I am grateful for friends. Friends who never left me, friends who are contagious in loving me even if I do not want to be loved back. I am grateful that they exist, their love exist and with that I could not ask for anything more. A sweet smile feels like a warm… Continue Reading →

Perseverance In Prayer

I would like to begin and end by saying a prayer. It was not consistent in the past. I am planning to start again by acting in faith. There were times when I felt that God was maybe too busy answering others’ prayers. I would think He hasn’t reached mine yet. However, it doesn’t mean… Continue Reading →

Will You Be Home By Saturday?

January 17, I can’t believe more than halfway through January has passed. Monday, a busy day, but my mind keeps on thinking about the last Saturday of the month. It’s my birthday and the big 3 is coming. With all those activities and expenses from prior weeks – the holidays, moving into my new house,… Continue Reading →


I step on the sun-drenched white sand in the hope of moving forward to a time of glowing and blooming, to a place of growing and becoming. I stare at the vast sea of clouds in the hope of chasing answers— for I’ve been a confused rolling stone, looping into the complete unknown. I speak… Continue Reading →


Deep in the mountains, in a warm hearth known as the Burrow, There lived two siblings, spirited Joy and pensive Sorrow.  Both loved to hike and collect sea glass down by the ocean,  From sunrise to sunset, off they go with time and motion.  One day, Joy pondered: “Why, we need each other, dear Sorrow.”… Continue Reading →

Christmas Tree

When I was a kid, I used to contemplate the presence of a Christmas tree during the Christmas season. A light bulb popped up on my head as I tried to compare it to a family tree; Christmas time is a cherished family time, anyway. When I first learned how to assemble a Christmas tree… Continue Reading →

Courage And Mirth

“Stay up until 12?” I asked my cousin. “Why?” “So we can open our gifts under the tree!” she cried as-a-matter-of-fact. “Why not wait until tomorrow?” “Well, December 25 starts at midnight. Why do we have to wait until the morning?” The air conditioning in my uncle’s car was set on a blast, almost in… Continue Reading →


Someday, you will learn to realize the value of your worth. Someday, The worth you have always searched for, Will always come a hundredfold. Someday, you will become the writer God has always thought you could be. Someday, Somebody will read your work, And will be amazed how your thoughts, And their thoughts, Align together…. Continue Reading →

From The Blue Corner

He is messaging me for the third time today. He wanted me to prepare the check that is not yet due to one of his bank contacts. Wanted to stand my ground as I know I am right, but how could I do this against him? Is this even the right thing to do? Our… Continue Reading →


I survived typhoon Odette in Siargao.  A day before the disaster, I just played Pokemon Go, being at peace with the sea.  Calm, green and blue, waves are rushing a few meters away. Luckily, there were wave barriers about a kilometer away. The sun was so high. Then suddenly, it rained. Then the sun shone… Continue Reading →

Prayer for 2022

I pray for blessings and cheers  But most of all I plead For Love to be instilled  To hearts who hear  May this year bring all the tidings  All that we hope for and need  May it give us vigor and good health To plough through valleys and hills The sky may send rains and… Continue Reading →


Traditionally and ideally, Christmas is a very joyous event celebrated every year. It’s the most special time of the year. But for some, it only becomes more memorable once unfortunate events happen during this joyous season. When the pandemic hit us, the whole universe weeped, especially those who have lost their loved ones. Their Christmas… Continue Reading →

Forget Him Not

Life has been a quest—the quiet kind that follows me wherever I go. One time, when I was years, years younger—I’m 25 now—I think I was 14 then, I crossed the highway near my high school to ride a jeepney on my way home. At that time, I didn’t know about pedestrian lanes. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Psalm 91 & 42

(Below is a comment made on a Facebook post) Hello Elaine! I love every part of this writing. It’s so vulnerable and honest. Thank you for the courage to share – even these very much hidden details of your walk with God. Funny because this is also my season now haha! A few weeks back… Continue Reading →

What’s Missing?

Hello, Scribblorists! It’s Friday. How do you feel today? Do you feel like there’s something missing? Missing in you, in your life, in whatever? Yesterday, I alternately did work and contemplation. I felt like there was something missing in me, and it was a glaring hole, I knew I shouldn’t ignore it. I was also… Continue Reading →

Begin Again

Like you I also miss our weekly prompts, when I can’t wait for the weekend to come so I can sit on my writing chair. But then as the government is easing out on the restrictions outside of home, community life is unfolding too.   I was able to receive my final oblation as a Benedictine… Continue Reading →

A Perpetual Battle

Someone asked, “how are you?” What first comes to my mind after I internalize the question? Actually nothing but the question “how are you?” Reflecting on the words I am still trying to process it “How am I?” I am fine, I am okay, I am happy But, “how really am I? For a year… Continue Reading →

Scarlet Letter

Dear Elaine, I’ve been looking at this post for a few days now, thinking of what to write and share. It seems that ‘how are you’s nowadays bears more meaning as it touches on our existence (in a time when all isn’t well for everybody) and  that makes it such a challenging question to answer…. Continue Reading →

Glass Filters

Dear Elaine, Usually, the question, “How are you?”, would stun me to grapple with which aspect of my life the person would like to know about? That simple honest-to-goodness well-meaning question usually becomes a million-dollar-question to me. Immediately, different aspects of my life would flash in front of me, leaving me at a loss for… Continue Reading →

Tracing Heartaches

I have been using my brain’s left hemisphere so much that my right one has been trying to keep up. I try to write in my down time, no matter how short that is. I’m basically an emotional person who doesn’t know how to express her emotions. At least in real life. And actually, I’m… Continue Reading →

Hi, Scribblorists

Hi, Scribblorists.  HOW ARE YOU? Oh, I know most of you are busy, busy, busy. I understand why you have little time for words and stories and interaction. But tonight, while running (yes, I run the outskirts of our village every night or every other night ) I had a flashback of last year, when… Continue Reading →

To Be Kissed By Your Light

Waiting for you to rise up Oh great hot ball of fire what fun it is To be kissed by your light To apprehend your radiance To be clothe in your warmth I wish to stay here forever Beholding your beauty and grace Getting Lost in the melody of the waves The triumphant singing of… Continue Reading →

The Answer To My Prayers

Ministry service requires time and a lot of energy (to be patient, to be humble and to give love) but it could be the most fulfilling decision one can ever make. I started serving in a ministry when I was 10 years old as an assistant to the Catechist. It was one of my fondest… Continue Reading →

When I Said ‘Yes’ (To God)

It was 2014. I was 18, and I envisioned myself as a company’s controller, the highest position an accountant could attain in the private sector. My vision changed before I turned 20. It was 2016. I found out how I had a passion for teaching. So, I planned to get hired in an accounting firm… Continue Reading →

My Fiat Story

Eleven years ago, I was receiving doctrine classes in Tanglaw University Center. I greatly admired the ladies there that I wanted to be like them. I wanted to imitate their virtues, and I told God that I wanted to pursue virtues and go deeper into my faith. God is somehow a joker. He sent me… Continue Reading →

Dreaming of The Tower of Babel

I woke up with a vivid recollection of what I’ve dreamt of The Tower of Babel and The Silent Servant. I thought it unnatural that my dreams were not events or places but a set of words. I considered them as a great blessing of muses for a wannabe writer like me. Last night ended… Continue Reading →

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